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Restaurant inspections

Red Apple Restaurant

28300 SE 212, Boring
Semiannual inspection: June 28, 2017
Outcome: Needs Reinspection


  • Chemical Sanitizer, Chlorine (5 point deduction). More info
    • Observations: VIOLATION OF SECTION 4-501.114(A) *PRIORITY* The chlorine sanitizer concentration, pH, or temperature is not adequate, specifically: DISH MACHINE IN KITCHEN TESTING AT ~10PPM CHLORINE RESIDUAL.
    • Correction: REQUIRED CORRECTION: CORRECT IMMEDIATELY. Provide and maintain an approved chlorine chemical sanitizer solution that has a minimum concentration of 50 ppm at 75°F for water with a pH of 8 or less, or 100°F for water with a pH of 10 or less, or as allowed in rule. USE BAR DISH MACHINE OR SANITIZE W/ BLEACH SOLUTION IN PREP SINK. HAVE UNIT ADJUSTED TOMORROW. I WILL RECHECK ON THIS 6/29.
  • Separation, Packaging, Segregation, Cross-Cont. (5 point deduction). More info
    • Observations: VIOLATION OF SECTION 3-302.11(A)(1,2) *PRIORITY* Raw or ready-to eat food is not properly protected from cross contamination, specifically: MULTIPLE CONTAINERS OF RAW CHICKEN OVER SHRIMP AND BEEF. HAMBURGER PATTIES OVER INTACT BEEF. FISH OVER NOODLES.
    • Correction: REQUIRED CORRECTION: CORRECT IMMEDIATELY. Foods shall be protected from cross contamination during storage, preparation, holding, and display by separating raw animal foods and unwashed produce from ready-to-eat foods, ready-to-eat raw animal foods (fish for sushi), fruits and vegetables, and by separating different types of raw animal foods from each other. If stored vertically, raw animal foods should be stored in ascending order of cooking temperature, with the highest required cooking temperature at the lowest level. Action Taken: ITEMS MOVED AT TIME OF INSPECTION. STORE RAW MEAT ACCORDING TO CODE AND COOKING TEMPERATURE. THIS INCLUDES FREEZER STORAGE OF RAW PRODUCT THAT HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM COMMERCIAL PACKAGING OR PREPPED.


Discussed cooling. Cool items in shallow bins. Sometimes you may have to use
multiple bins (rice).
Update food handlers cards at www.orfoodhandlers.com as needed.
Discussed employee food storage. Keep food for employee meals in a designated
area away from food for customers.
Discussed employee drink cups. Must have a lid and a straw to be used while
working or in kitchen and service areas.
Notes from inspection:
- All hot holding at or above 135F.
- All cold holding at or below 41F.
- All hand sinks stocked and accessible.
- Dish machine in bar at 50- 200ppm residual chlorine.
- Thin tip thermometer on site and working.
- Test strips on site.
- Discussed 8 major allergens and left fact sheet.
- Discussed illness policy and exclusion.