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Restaurant inspections

Levy Coliseum Catering A E C

1401 N Wheeler Ave, Portland
Semiannual inspection: April 17, 2018


  • When to Wash (5 point deduction). More info
    • Observations: VIOLATION OF SECTION 2-301.14 *PRIORITY* Food employees are not washing their hands as often as necessary, specifically:-------------------------- STAND F: Employee does not wash hands before donning gloves.
    • Correction: REQUIRED CORRECTION: CORRECT IMMEDIATELY. Food employees must thoroughly wash their hands and exposed portions of their arms: 1) before beginning or returning to work; 2) after touching body parts other than clean hands and clean, exposed portions of arms; 3) after using the toilet room; 4) after caring for, or handling service or aquatic animals; 5) after coughing, sneezing, or using a handkerchief or disposable tissues; 6) after using tobacco, eating or drinking from inappropriate containers; 7) after handling soiled equipment or utensils; 8) immediately before engaging in food preparation in the food preparation area; 9) during food preparation, as often as necessary to remove soil and contamination and to prevent cross-contamination when changing tasks; 10) when switching between working with raw foods and working with ready-to-eat foods; 11) before donning gloves for working with food; or 12) after engaging in other activities that contaminate the hands. Action Taken: ------------
  • Sanitizing Solution Testing Devices (3 point deduction). More info
    • Observations: VIOLATION OF SECTION 4-302.14 *PRIORITY FOUNDATION* A test kit is not provided or is not accurate enough to measure the concentration of sanitizing solutions, specifically:---------------- Catering kitchen and STAND A do not have sanitizer test kits present.
    • Correction: REQUIRED CORRECTION: CORRECT IMMEDIATELY. A test kit or other device that accurately measures the concentration in ppm (mg/L) of sanitizer shall be provided. Action Taken: ------------------------- CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION by providing test kits.
  • Cooking and Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean (0 point deduction). More info
    • Observations: VIOLATION OF SECTION 4-601.11(B)(C) Food-contact surfaces of cooking equipment and pans are not kept free of encrusted grease deposits and other soil, or nonfood-contact surfaces are not kept clean, specifically:---------------------- STAND A: Dispensing hose for floor cleaner has very heavy black mold buildup on interior.
    • Correction: REQUIRED CORRECTION: The food-contact surfaces of cooking equipment and pans shall be kept free of encrusted grease deposits and other soil accumulations. Nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment shall be kept free of an accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue, and other debris.----------------------- Replace hose.
  • Unnecessary Items and Litter (0 point deduction). More info
    • Observations: VIOLATION OF SECTION 6-501.114 The establishment is not free of unnecessary items or litter, specifically:------------------------- Several out of order refrigerators and other equipment are stored in Catering kitchen.
    • Correction: REQUIRED CORRECTION: The premises shall be free of litter and unnecessary articles which are not pertinent to the current operation of the food establishment.--------------------- Remove unnecessary equipment.
  • Wiping Cloths, Use Limitation (0 point deduction). More info
    • Observations: VIOLATION OF SECTION 3-304.14 Wiping cloths are not properly used or stored, specifically:---------------------------STAND E sanitizer as dispensed measures <150ppm quat. Chemical (or test kit) may be expired, as these stands remain unused between events.
    • Correction: REQUIRED CORRECTION: Cloths that are in use for wiping food spills shall be used for no other purpose. Cloths used for wiping food spills shall be dry or wet and stored in an approved sanitizing solution. Dry or wet cloths that are used with raw animal foods shall be kept separate from cloths used for other purposes, and wet cloths used with raw animal foods shall be kept in separate sanitizing solution. Wet wiping cloths used with a freshly made sanitizing solution and dry wiping cloths shall be free of food debris and visible soil.----------------------- For tonight, Stand E will obtain sanitizer from Stand F. ON EVENT DAYS, ENSURE ALL SANITIZER STATIONS ARE STOCKED AND WORKING PROPERLY PRIOR TO OPERATING.
  • In-Use Utensils/Between-Use Storage (0 point deduction). More info
    • Observations: VIOLATION OF SECTION 3-304.12 In-use dispensing utensils are not properly stored, specifically:------------------------ STAND F: Utensils for meat and sausage are stored at room temperature between uses. STAND E: Ice cream scoops are stored in room temperature water between uses.
    • Correction: REQUIRED CORRECTION: In-use food preparation or dispensing utensils shall be stored: 1) in the food with the handles above the top of the food; 2) on a clean portion of the food preparation table or cooking equipment if they are cleaned and sanitized as required; 3) in running water of sufficient velocity to flush particulates to the drain; 4) in a clean, protected location if the utensils are used with food that is not potentially hazardous; or 5) in a container of water at a temperature of 135°F or more or 41°F or less or if the container is cleaned as required. Action Taken: ----------------------- CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION by putting utensils in ice baths.
  • Outer Openings, Protected (0 point deduction). More info
    • Observations: VIOLATION OF SECTION 6-202.15(A)(D) Outer openings and windows in the establishment are not constructed or protected to prevent the entrance of insects and rodents, specifically:---------------- Large holes are present in exterior doors/walls of dumpster area.
    • Correction: REQUIRED CORRECTION: Outer openings of the food establishment shall be protected against the entry of insects and rodents by: 1) Filling or closing holes and other gaps along floors, walls, and ceilings; 2) Closed, tight-fitting windows; and, 3) Solid, self-closing doors. Windows or doors used for ventilation must be protected by the use of screens, air curtains, or other effective means.--------------------- Patch holes to prevent pest entry into establishment.


PIC Tony.
License includes Catering Kitchen and Stands A, C, E, and F.
* Catering kitchen now includes pizza oven, fryers, 3- 4 make tables, hot/cold
holding units. Plumbing consists of a single hand sink (RECOMMEND ADDING
ANOTHER HAND SINK IN DISHWASHING AREA), 3- compartment sink, dishwasher (not
working currently). Mop water is disposed of in floor drain in dumpster area.
No raw meats are currently handled in this kitchen.
- Stand F, making BBQ chicken wings, had chicken in warmer with internal
temperature 112- 120F during inspection. The chicken was cooked to >200F per
PIC, and was just tossed with cold BBQ sauce. A better process would include
warming sauce prior to tossing it with chicken, so avoid product going <135F
during preparation.
- Stand A needed hot water at hand sink run for a few minutes to achieve 100F.
Please add this to opening checklist for