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Restaurant inspections

Arrivederci Wine - Jazz LLC

17023 SE Mcloughlin Blvd, Milwaukie
Semiannual inspection: July 2, 2019


  • Separation, Packaging, Segregation, Cross-Cont. (5 point deduction). More info
    • Observations: VIOLATION OF SECTION 3-302.11(A)(1,2) *PRIORITY* Raw or ready-to eat food is not properly protected from cross contamination, specifically: IN TWO DOOR REACH IN - SHELL EGGS STORED OVER RIBS AND RAW INTACT STEAK STORED OVER COOKED BACON WRAPPED FIGS.
    • Correction: REQUIRED CORRECTION: CORRECT IMMEDIATELY. Foods shall be protected from cross contamination during storage, preparation, holding, and display by separating raw animal foods and unwashed produce from ready-to-eat foods, ready-to-eat raw animal foods (fish for sushi), fruits and vegetables, and by separating different types of raw animal foods from each other. If stored vertically, raw animal foods should be stored in ascending order of cooking temperature, with the highest required cooking temperature at the lowest level. Action Taken: BE SURE RAW ITEMS ARE STORED IN ASCENDING ORDER ACCORDING TO COOK TEMPERATURES. EMPLOYEE REARRANGED REACH IN. STEAK AND EGGS ARE NOW ON BOTTOM SHELF.
  • Hand Cleanser, Available (3 point deduction). More info
    • Observations: VIOLATION OF SECTION 6-301.11 *PRIORITY FOUNDATION* Soap is not provided at a handwashing sink, specifically: BACK HAND SINK NEAR ICE MACHINE LACKED SOAP.
    • Correction: REQUIRED CORRECTION: CORRECT IMMEDIATELY. Each handwashing sink or group of 2 adjacent handwashing sinks shall be provided with a supply of hand cleaning liquid, powder or bar soap. Action Taken: SOAP PROVIDED.
  • Consumer Advisory (3 point deduction). More info
    • Observations: VIOLATION OF SECTION 3-603.11 *PRIORITY FOUNDATION* A consumer advisory is not provided, is not presented in the correct format, or does not contain the required information, specifically: RESTAURANT IS NOW SERVING SEARED AHI TUNA FROM RESTAURANT DEPOT AS A SPECIAL. THE SPECIAL IS ONLY DISPLAYED ON A CHALK BOARD AND LACKS CONSUMER ADVISORY.
    • Correction: REQUIRED CORRECTION: CORRECT IMMEDIATELY. A facility that serves or sells animal foods raw, partially cooked or without otherwise being processed to eliminate pathogens either in a ready-to-eat form or as an ingredient in another ready-to-eat food shall inform consumers of the significantly increased risk of foodborne illness. The advisory must include a disclosure and reminder and can be provided using brochures, deli case or menu advisories, label statements, table tents, placards or other effective written means. The disclosure shall include a description of the animal derived foods such as "oysters on the half shell (raw oysters)" , "raw-egg Caesar salad" and "hamburgers (can be cooked to order)" or identification of the food by asterisking them to a footnote that state that the items are served raw or undercooked, or contain (or may contain) raw or undercooked ingredients. The reminder shall include asterisking the animal-derived foods requiring disclosure to a footnote that state
  • Gloves, Use Limitation, Design (0 point deduction). More info
    • Observations: VIOLATION OF SECTION 3-304.15(B)(D)(E) Gloves are not properly designed, specifically: 2 OPEN BOXES OF LATEX GLOVES STORED NEAR CHEST FREEZER. PIC HAD 10 BOXES STORED ABOVE BACK SINK.
    • Correction: REQUIRED CORRECTION: Slash-resistant or cloth gloves must not be used in direct contact with food, unless the food will be subsequently cooked. The use of latex gloves is prohibited in food service establishments. LATEX GLOVES ARE PROHIBITED. REMOVE GLOVES FROM FACILITY.


Ice machine due for cleaning.
Seared ahi tuna has been added to the menu.